Planted aquarium lightning should have sufficient level of photopic light to satisfy the people from a visiual perspective , the spectrum to make the animals colors to appear close to natural and optic characteristics for the decent dispersion of light in the aquarium also help the plant to develop healthy.

Generally, photosentetically high performanced lightning sources could fail about visual and colour quality, while standard natural white LED spectrum can have a weakness with the requested wavelength in the process of plant development. So, the professional lightning systems which can balance those two characteristics is the most important component of a proper system set-up. CREAQUA products are designed for both healthy plant development and also for high level of view quality. In our products we use special spectrum microchip; and there are different spectrum options for sea, freshwater and invertebrate lightning.

CREAQUA, which is the SODEC Engineering trade mark, offers lighting, aquarium, and accessory solutions for aquarium enthusiasts who take technology and aesthetics as a whole.