Planted aquarium is a hobby that develops day by day and differentiates itself with new styles and methods. Aquarium design can be described as a visual art by get ahead of fish and plant care. In the planted aquarium hobby, where design and creativity come to the fore, many hobbyists can develop their design skills over time.

In many countries of the world, various hobbyist teams are established in order to develop and advance the planted aquarium hobby, and they show their individual talents in the competitions held every year by helping each other. Nature Inn gallery was established in order to convey the latest point reached in the planted aquarium hobby, up-to-date information, new styles and techniques, and application results to hobbyists.

It is aimed to develop and expand the planted aquarium with regular seminars and events in the gallery where aquariums of many styles are exhibited.

The aquariums exhibited in the gallery are as lively as the plants and fish in them. With the ever-growing plants, newly added - changed plants and different results after each pruning reveal ever-changing designs. In short, you will encounter a different exhibition every time you come to the gallery, thanks to the newly added aquariums as well as the developing and changing tanks.


Nature inn gallery is waiting for everyone who is interested in the planted aquarium hobby. 

Nature Inn Galeri


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