Slimline Flex

Slimline Flex



Luminous Flux

Energy Consumption

Photon Output (400 - 700)

Photon Output (380 - 780)



• Special spectrum developed for more intense photosynthesis and optimum plant growth

• High Color Quality (CRI: 92+)

• Optimum color temperature ( CCT = 6000K ) for a more enjoyable viewing

• High Photon Output

• High optical stability and low light loss (LM80)

• Low thermal stress for Long service Life

• High efficiency and low energy consumption

• Lighting section designed in SELV limits for protection against electric shock

• Independent driver box separated from the lighting

• Locking connector for easy assembly and disassembly

• Aluminum extruded body with high cooling capacity

• Optional pedestal or pendant mounting possibility

• CNC production anodized coated legs and hangers

• Stainless steel extension rails