Nano Elite

General Spec.

All models are designed with radiometric, photometric and thermal tests. For all models, you know the important parameters such as spectrum data, PAR values, light distribution curves, color rendering etc.

The light characteristic was produced by making the relevant engineering calculations and consciously. The lightings are produced with optical lens which will not disturb the eye in terms of vision.

The system consists of a lighting and a driver box positioned independently from the lighting. For your safety, the lighting part is produced with the SELV (safe voltage limits).There are no high voltage components in the lighting. The double insulated driver box is connected to the lighting through the connector and is located separately from the luminaire.

The top segment, long-life LED drivers manufactured in Europe are used together with the lighting. The drivers have protection against short circuit, overheating etc. factors. Waterproof connectors are used between the lighting and the driver circuit.

All components in the lighting compatible with international standards. The products provide long and trouble-free service. Although the products are offered to the market with a 2-year warranty due to being an end-user product, they are designed and manufactured to operate without problems for at least 5 years.

The lighting is manufactured to be thermally stable. The LEDs operate at a temperature much lower than the permissible junction temperature. In this way, our products serve with minimum loss of light for a long time.

LED modules are produced in fully automatic production lines and 100% function tested.


Improved spectrum at longer wavelengths for better photosynthesis rates and optimum plant growth. A more enjoyable visual and a special spectrum that accelerates plant growth. 1200-1500lm photopic lumen output value for each module.

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In aquarium lighting, the optical design is as important for efficient vision as it is for efficient use of emitted light. All the produced lightings are used optical lens compatible LED and PCB structure.

Optical lenses ensure that the light produced in the lighting is dispersed to the aquarium with minimum loss. During the visual of the aquarium, the light produced in the lighting does not sparkle. Light is also prevented from reaching outside the aquarium.

External Driver Box

The driver circuits are located in a double insulated driver box separate from the lighting with a longer service life and higher electrical safety principle.

Locked waterproof connector structure is used for connection between lighting and driver.

You can control your standard type lighting at any time with manuel dimm which can be update. In manual versions, the light output of the product can be adjusted from 1% to 100% by using the push button on the drive box.

Remotely Control Your Lighting